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I am using Cshell at the office, and it does not seem to have reverse incremental search for history. Is there any way to enable reverse-i-search (like the one in bash) in cshell.


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I presume you're using tcsh (csh doesn't have much in the way of history search at all).

You can bind the command i-search-back to some key (it's not bound by default). It seems to be similar to bash's reverse-i-search.

See the description in the tcsh man page.

For example, I have

bindkey ^X/ i-search-back

in my $HOME/.cshrc.

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If you prefer using bash, you can probably change your default shell. man chsh. Or you can probably just invoke bash -l from your [t]csh prompt. – Keith Thompson Nov 15 '11 at 23:41

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