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I have a model class "Application_Model_Person" located in application/models/Person.php that also defines other classes, like Gender and Age:

class Age

class Gender

class Application_Model_Person

My problem is that I want to access Age and Gender in a controller, but I don't know how. Calling new Application_Model_Age doesn't work because Age.php doesn't exist. I want these classes to stay in Application_Model_Person because they are strongly related.

Any ideas?

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Zend Framework is not designed to work that way. 1 class per file is the rule. I can't think of any good reasons to not do it as required by Zend. –  vascowhite Oct 14 '11 at 20:26

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Well, either create Application_Model_Age and Application_Model_Gender include the File via

require(APPLICATION_PATH . '/models/Person.php');
$age = new Age();
$gender = new Gender();

I would suggest the first way though. Several Classes in one named File ... might be a personal opinion, but i think that's not the most straightforward thing to do. Even though i understand the relation between the three Classes ;)

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