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I'm still studying HTML and CSS, perhaps this could be a silly mistake or not.

Look in my HTML, I have the #welcome div, but it disappeared when I set float:right.

(Chrome or Firefox)


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#container { margin-left:0; } brings back the welcome div. – biziclop Oct 14 '11 at 17:36
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Change float:right; to this:

#topbar .content #welcome {

If you want to keep the float, you'll need to give it a margin-right of 100px to make up for the margin-left of the container:

#topbar .content #welcome {

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The margin-left:100px shifted your #container to the right, causing 100px of the right side to be invisible. When you set float:right, the .welcome element moves to the right - where it's invisible.

To solve this issue, add padding-right:100px to the .welcome element.


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