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I would like to see of visitor of my website is already fan of my fanpage.

So if somebody visits my website,i would like to ask him to visit my fanpage only, if he is not fan already.I dont want to ask for permission. Just check, if he likes the fanpage or not. Is there possibility to do this? I am not experienced in this Facebook API, this is why i ask for an idea for doing this

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I don't believe it's possible. However, I was looking for an app that would, when someone asks a question on SO, check if they've accepted the answers to their previous questions. oh wait, that one can be done. please go back and make sure to accept answers to your previous questions that were helpful/solved your problem. –  Brad Christie Oct 14 '11 at 17:48
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It can be done using FQL by querying page_fan table, you have to get user_likes permission before doing this...

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