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I have a mashup, I am building Restful services that are called from a thin client. I have worked in plethora of environments, ranging from Java EE (EJB) to Spring oriented environment in conjunction with technologies like JSP,JS frameworks like JQuery,ExtJS etc.
While building my restful architecture and developing services, I cannot convince myself to use MVC (implemented maybe by Spring or use JSF or any other framework); For the moment i am using just the following:

  • UI layer - XHTML, JQuery
  • JAX-RS Jersey Implementation (Since I rely on JAX-RS I am guessing I can swap implementations easily)
  • Hadoop
  • Apache Lucene
  • Cassandra
  • Memcached (for now, I am evaluating infinispan)
  • tomcat 7
  • Build System: Maven
  • Hudson CI

Leaving technologies aside, My restful services also employ event driven paradigm to do stuff that I cannot discuss here; These event listeners are RestFul Service Listeners (same as other services but just using Event Listener Paradigm).
Now the question: What questions should I be asking myself (I know how to architect and build a restful SOA, any suggestions would be good) and use JQuery to call these services. I want to know is the system I have scalable for a web-scale (say a billion hit (OK I am exaggerating but still) system?).
Is traditional model of Either Spring MVC with Spring DI and other spring-ified features and JSP technologies OR Java EE (EJBs), applicable here? I wanna be a minimalist, Since we are a startup, I want my application to scale well and be architecturally consistent and extensible, I am making sure of that by building a very clean (i think so atleast) Restful WS API platform, please help in clarifying my conundrum, Hope my question makes sense...

The thing is I have 3 clusters right now, one for Services, running Restful services, One for Apache Cassandra, One for memcached. As I said, I am a startup, I want to minimize my costs of hardware and other setup, So when I add an MVC framework, I would probably have to keep it deployed separately (reason: I am building a platform and app, they should not be coupled together)...

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anyone?? :( Please advise/suggest guys.... – Anirudh Vyas Oct 15 '11 at 6:43
"Hope my question makes sense" — no it doesnt :-/ It's riddled with buzzwords and almost conflicting architectures. However when it comes to the problem at hand ("is it scalable enough") the question really doesn't spend a lot of time on the architecture you've chosen ("Spring MVC with DI OR JEE EJBs"). The question should have been "Will EJBs scale to 1 billion users" or something (if that's what you're after), and even then it's not really a question worth answering, unless you give more specifics on your chosen architecture. Try rewriting the question from scratch! – mogsie Oct 18 '11 at 18:25
Thanks for your response. The question was: when using restful ws, should I care about mvc? I needed to explain the architecture since I felt that was pertinent for question being asked. Anyhow, the problem doesn't stand anymore, but still any answers or advise would be good to compare. – Anirudh Vyas Feb 25 '12 at 2:05

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