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I know this could be a subjective question...

I want to program a powerful image processing software for linux (capable of handling big raw images smoothly, something like Adobe Lightroom). I want also make use of graphic hardware acceleration via OpenCL or CUDA.

My previous experience comes from Windows where things are very easy with Visual Studio or Delphi... now, in linux, I feel making GUI applications very painful and verbose.

I'm not a professional programmer, just an enthusiast but I have experience in a variety languages (OO, non-OO, scripting and assemblers) and I don't mind to learn a new one if it makes things easier.

My experience in linux programming is ZERO so I don't want to waste my time choosing the wrong language (or libraries) for my project.

Which programming language/libraries would you use to make this application and why?

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If you are not a professional programmer with zero Linux experience, then perhaps your first project shouldn't be attempting to rival something epic like Adobe Lightroom. –  misha Oct 16 '11 at 6:47
Well, the main objective is not rival Lightroom, it's learning. For example, I wanted to learn Javascript, so I did a Javascript Gameboy Emulator. Just for fun. codebase.es/jsgb –  Peter Oct 19 '11 at 16:35

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If you want to write a GUI program, the problem isn't the language, it's the libraries. For Linux (and crossplatform), the best framework is Qt.

You can use Qt in most languages, but i find it far easier to use on it's intended one: C++

When using any static-typing language, an IDE is a big help; both KDevelop and QtCreator are really good; and the last one helps with Qt too.

Finally (and it's the least important part), for heavy numeric processing and interfacing with CUDA, C and C++ are the best choices.

(BTW: Adobe Lightroom is written mostly in Lua, plus the Adobe proprietary framework and most of the code from the AdobeCameraRaw plugin)

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I'm not exactly sure what it is you want to build but it's not a bad idea to look at the ImageMagick library and see if you can leverage any of the existing functionality to handle the compute heavy image manipulation tasks.

There are a lot of image processing functions available with bindings for C, C++, and Perl. Perl probably isn't the right language for an app like. I believe ImageMagick can be compiled with OpenCL support.

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ImageMagick is great for simple image processing in scripts or console applications. I want to make something far more complex. –  Peter Oct 14 '11 at 18:37

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