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I couldn't find any way to close as duplicate in JIRA soap, any idea which method to use and how to use?

$rIssue= array();
$rIssue['resolution']  = 3;


But this marks its as Resolved fixed instead of duplicate.

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This is the same issue we had before with your update issue problem.

The fourth param of this argument is expecting an array of RemoteFieldValue objects.

Try this:


    class RemoteFieldValue {
        var $id;
        var $values = array();

        function __construct($idIn, $valuesIn) {
            $this->id = $idIn;
            $this->values = $valuesIn;

    $rfv = new RemoteFieldValue('resolution', array("id" =>"3"));

    $rfvArray = array($rfv);



Or try modifying your example like this:

// Since you are using an associative array I'll assume this is your RmeoteFieldValue object
$rIssue= array();

// The id of a remote field object is a string ("resolution") and the value needs to be an array of Strings (["3"]), even though you are only sending one
$rIssue['resolution']  = [3];

//Now you have your RemoteFieldVaue object, but the call is expecting an array of them, even if you are only sending one
$rfvArray = [$rIssue];

// Make the call with the new array as the fourth param
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