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My coworker keeps insisting that I make the switch from IntelliJ to Eclipse. I'm considering relenting, mainly because the compile/deploy time it takes for my Android project seems to be considerably less in Eclipse than IntelliJ (I imagine Eclipse does some sort of incremental compilation, etc. that IntelliJ can't do for Android).

However, there are a few shortcuts that I feel are essential and I don't want to do without, and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to do them in Eclipse (perhaps add via a plugin?):

  • Ctrl-W (select word, and then expands selection to include statement, block, method, class... this should work in XML and other types of code as well)
  • Ctrl-D (duplicate selection, if selection, or otherwise line)
  • Ctrl-Shift-V, paste from history (pops up a list of recently copied text)
  • Go to Symbol (searches through all methods, fields, etc in your project)

I'm sure there are a bunch of others I'll really miss, but these are the main ones I use all the time.

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I believe IntelliJ is a much better IDEA, but you asked..

ctrl+w Alt Shift Up Expand selection to enclosing element

ctrl+d Ctrl Alt Arrow Duplicate line(s) up or down

ctrl+shift+v Not that I have seen

ctrl+shift+a No, and that is a truly amazing feature.

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about the go to symbol thing

there are the following functionalities available

ctrl + shift + r - open resource

ctrl + shift + t - open type

ctrl + alt + g - find the selected text in workspace

ctrl + shift + g - find references in workplace (as selected by caret)

ctrl + o - quick outline, all methods in class

there is also a plugin calld instaSearch that you can easily install, it offers a complete project active search.

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