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I wish to format a variable to a price format where if it is for example $90 then leave out the decimal which it already does anyway. But if the value is $44.5 then I want to format it as $44.50. I can do it in php not javascript.

PHP example:

number_format($price, !($price == (int)$price) * 2);

The code I want to format:

$(showdiv+' .calc_price span').html(sum_price);
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var price = 44.5;    
var dplaces = price == parseInt(price, 10) ? 0 : 2;
price = '$' + price.toFixed(dplaces);
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PHPJS has that code for you: http://phpjs.org/functions/money_format:876

Also provided by @Daok How can I format numbers as money in JavaScript?

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Try this

function priceFormatter(price)
    //Checks if price is an integer
    if(price == parseInt(price))
        return "$" + price;

    //Checks if price has only 1 decimal
    else if(Math.round(price*10)/10 == price)
        return "$" + price + "0";

    //Covers other cases
        return "$" + Math.round(price*100)/100;
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Thanks for the replay Dan –  Keith Power Oct 14 '11 at 19:58

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