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Some content in my page is loaded dynamically with the use of this code :

javascript_tag( remote_function( :update => agenda_dom_id, :url => agenda_items_url(options), :method => :get ) )

When it outputs in the browser, it comes out as this :

new Ajax.Updater('agenda', 'http://localhost:3000/agenda_items?company=43841&history=true', {asynchronous:true, evalScripts:true, method:'get'})

The & character in the URL is replaced by & and so the second parameter of the request is discarded.

I made different tests and it looks as if Rails tries to make the HTML entities conversion as soon as it detects that the code is in a script tag. And trying to hardcode the link or the javascript tag didn`t change anything.

Anybody encountered this problem before?

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Guys, it's just a default behavior of url_for in views... C'mon, pass :escape => false along with URL params and enjoy unescaped stuff :)

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I know this is old, but can you give some sample code for this? –  you786 Mar 26 '12 at 6:14
AFAIR, url_for(:action => "lol", :controller => "bla", :escape => false) –  Anton Apr 5 '12 at 14:35

All javascript characters are escaped (see the source of remote_function). That has some consequences. However in your case I don't see any problem, I have similar cases where this just works.

Can you describe the problem you have with it?

PS. I have posted I lighthouse ticket because I have a case where I need to insert javascript: https://rails.lighthouseapp.com/projects/8994/tickets/2500-remote_function-does-not-allow-dynamically-generation-of-url#ticket-2500-2

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The problem is with the URL that gets generated :


The history parameter won't get sent correctly since the & character is replaced by a &.

The funny thing is that when I try it with a link_to_remote instead of the remote_link or when I output the remote_function directly on the page (and not in a script tag), it works as expected and doesn't escape the & character with its HTML entity.

I'm on Rails 2.1.1 and Firefox. Maybe it has been fixed in the latest version of Rails but switching is not an option right now.

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I'm on Rails 2.3.2 and I don't have any problem when & is replaced by & amp;

If you need to fix this in your situation, you could patch the remote_ function update and add a :escape_ url option and set that to false. Put the code below somewhere in your rails environment where it gets loaded.

module ActionView
class Base
	def remote_function(options)
  javascript_options = options_for_ajax(options)

  update = ''
  if options[:update] && options[:update].is_a?(Hash)
    update  = []
    update << "success:'#{options[:update][:success]}'" if options[:update][:success]
    update << "failure:'#{options[:update][:failure]}'" if options[:update][:failure]
    update  = '{' + update.join(',') + '}'
  elsif options[:update]
    update << "'#{options[:update]}'"

  function = update.empty? ?
    "new Ajax.Request(" :
    "new Ajax.Updater(#{update}, "

  url_options = options[:url]
  url_options = url_options.merge(:escape => false) if url_options.is_a?(Hash)
  function << (options[:escape_url] == false ? "'#{url_for(url_options)}'" : "'#{escape_javascript(url_for(url_options))}'") ## Add this line to the rails core
  function << ", #{javascript_options})"

  function = "#{options[:before]}; #{function}" if options[:before]
  function = "#{function}; #{options[:after]}"  if options[:after]
  function = "if (#{options[:condition]}) { #{function}; }" if options[:condition]
  function = "if (confirm('#{escape_javascript(options[:confirm])}')) { #{function}; }" if options[:confirm]

  return function


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Use the :with option (which must be a valid query string and is not escaped like the :url), like so

url, query_string = agenda_items_url(options).split('?')
javascript_tag( remote_function( :update => agenda_dom_id, :url => url, :with => query_string, :method => :get ) )

I'm assuming agenda_items_url is your own helper function and it is outputting the full url without escaping it first.

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