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I am trying to write a return to libc exploit, but am not able to figure out where in stack should I place the argument for my system() call.

The vulnerable function is

void func(char *str)
     char buffer[12];

The stack for this function will look something like this:

 return address
 previous frame pointer

I understand that I must overwrite the return address with the address for system() call, but where should I place the address for its arguments and why ?


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A pointer to the argument should be found immediately above the return address. That is, after the overwrite, your stack should look something like this:

shellcode: /bin/whatever ...
&shellcode    <-- str is here
&system       <-- return address is here
previous frame pointer <--- don't corrupt this
padding       <-- buffer

Note that this implies you must know what %esp is when you reach strcpy (to avoid corrupting the previous frame pointer). Also, none of the pointers can contain a zero byte.

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