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I'm trying to do a connect page where you can view everything for twitter, facebook, youtube, ... I'm using the getJson function in jquery to get the data from the twitterApi:http://api.twitter.com/1/users/show.json?screen_name=Someusername. The issue that I'm having is that I can get all the data in the returned json file except for the text string, which contains the latest post. When I try to get json.text, it returns undefined, which is not true because I have visited the returned json straight through my browser before. I think that the default jQuery.text() function is messing with it, but I don't have any proof. If that's how it is, does anyone know a work around?

Code (twitter.php is just a php file that copies the data from the twitter site to avoid cross domain scripting issues):

function setUser() {
    $('body').css('background-color', "#" + bg);
    $('body').css('background-image', 'url(' + bgImg + ')');
    $('body').css('background-repeat', 'repeat');
    $('.imgwrap').html('<img class="profimg" src="' + ppic + '"/>');

var bg = "white";
var ppic = "http://test.campatet.com/identicon/ident.php?size=48";
var bgImg = "none";
var username = "undefined";
$(function () {
    $('#submitid').click(function () {
        $('#login, #submitid, #introwrapper label').hide();
        $('#intro').css("width", "99%").width("100%");
        $.getJSON('twitter.php?f=show&p="1/users/"&q="screen_name=' + $('#login').val() + '"', function (json) {
            bg = json.profile_background_color;

            if (json.profile_image_url) {
                ppic = json.profile_image_url;
            if (json.profile_background_image_url) {
                bgImg = json.profile_background_image_url;

            if (json.error) {
                username = json.error;
                $('#introwrapper').html('Error: ' + username + '. <a href="javascript:location.reload(true);" style="color:white;">Refresh Page</a>');
            } else {
                username = json.name;
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I've taken the liberty of indenting your code using jsbeautifier.org. However, please make sure that when you wrote your code, you indent it possibly. It makes it easier for everyone to read (including you!). –  Vivin Paliath Oct 14 '11 at 20:34
Thank you for the suggestion. –  Kevin Pei Oct 14 '11 at 20:39
Googled & found an example Hope it helps: jsfiddle.net/elijahmanor/Nstnx/22 –  Cory Danielson Oct 14 '11 at 20:48

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After inspecting the response JSON string, I've concluded that you have to use json.status.text instead of json.text.

See below for the structure of the response JSON:

    "default_profile_image": true,
    "profile_image_url_https": "https:\/\/si0.twimg.com\/sticky\/default_profile_images\/default_profile_4_normal.png",
    "status": {
        "text": "woah i forgot i made a twitter account... i promised myself i'd never do this.. oh well i give in haha."

Fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/jmwy4/
It's also possible to use http://jsbeautifier.org/ for indenting a JSON response, to get a clear view of the returned JSON object/response.

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Great answer. Didn't notice that.. lol Thx –  Kevin Pei Oct 15 '11 at 15:32

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