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When I compile under g++ I get the following errors:

In function 'int search(int, int, int)':

1584:error: no match for 'operator=' in '* tt = & core.<anonymous union>::tt[((hash_stack[ply] >> 16) & 2047ul)]'

1584:error: note: candidate is:

118:note: tt_type& tt_type::operator=(const tt_type&)

118:note: no known conversion for argument 1 from 'tt_type*' to 'const tt_type&'

static int search(int depth, int alpha, int beta) {
    int                             best_score = -INF;
    int                             best_move = 0;
    int                             score;
    struct move                     *moves;
    int                             incheck = 0;
    struct tt_type                  *tt;                              //LINE 1584
    int                             oldalpha = alpha;
    int                             oldbeta = beta;
    int                             i, count=0;


    /* test for draw by repetition */
    hash_stack[ply] = compute_hash();
    for (i=ply-4; i>=board[LAST]; i-=2) {
        if (hash_stack[i] == hash_stack[ply]) count++;
        if (count>=2) return 0;

     *  check transposition table
    *tt = &TTABLE[ ((hash_stack[ply]>>16) & (CORE-1)) ];
    if (tt->hash == (hash_stack[ply] & 0xffffU)) {
        if (tt->depth >= depth) {
            if (tt->flag >= 0) alpha = MAX(alpha, tt->score);
            if (tt->flag <= 0) beta = MIN(beta,  tt->score);
            if (alpha >= beta) return tt->score;
        best_move = tt->move & 07777;

Where I have previously defined

struct tt_type {                                                       //LINE 118
    unsigned short hash;    /* - Identifies position */
    short move;             /* - Best recorded move */
    short score;            /* - Score */
    char flag;              /* - How to interpret score */
    char depth;             /* - Remaining search depth */
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And so the long and the short of it is: "no known conversion for argument 1 from 'tt_type*' to 'const tt_type&'" –  user166390 Oct 14 '11 at 21:04

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The most important line in the error message is this:

118:note: no known conversion for argument 1 from 'tt_type*' to 'const tt_type&'

It essentially means that you are trying to assign a pointer to the reference.

Which in turn makes me think that changing * tt = & core.::tt[((hash_stack[ply] >> 16) & 2047ul)] in your code to * tt = core.::tt[((hash_stack[ply] >> 16) & 2047ul)] for deep copy or to tt = & core.::tt[((hash_stack[ply] >> 16) & 2047ul)] for shallow copy will solve the problem (depending on your perspective).

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There's no shallow copy vs deep copy. One copies an element, the other a pointer. –  Ben Voigt Oct 14 '11 at 21:08
@BenVoigt: As long as you got the point :-) They are both deep copies of different things, LOL –  user405725 Oct 14 '11 at 21:09
Copying a structure might be shallow or deep, depending on how operator= is defined. –  Ben Voigt Oct 14 '11 at 21:10

I suspect that your line 1584 is really this one:

*tt = &TTABLE[ ((hash_stack[ply]>>16) & (CORE-1)) ];

*tt is of type struct tt_type. The RHS is of the form &..., so it's of some pointer type. You can assign a struct to a struct, or a pointer to a pointer, but you can't assign a pointer value to a struct (unless you've overloaded the assignment operator).

I haven't studied the code enough to understand it, but you probably want to change *tt = ... to tt = ....

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*tt = &TTABLE[ ((hash_stack[ply]>>16) & (CORE-1)) ];

You're trying to store a pointer into a variable that's not a pointer.

You need either

*tt = TTABLE[ ((hash_stack[ply]>>16) & (CORE-1)) ];

to make a copy of one element of the array (this isn't going to work, since tt is not initialized)


tt = &TTABLE[ ((hash_stack[ply]>>16) & (CORE-1)) ];

to make a pointer into the array.

Another way of writing the second version is

tt = TTABLE + ((hash_stack[ply]>>16) & (CORE-1));
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In this line:

*tt = &TTABLE[ ((hash_stack[ply]>>16) & (CORE-1)) ];

You're trying to assign a variable of type tt_type to another thing of some other type. I don't know what TTABLE is, but as a wild guess, try removing the & (the & would cause an error if TTABLE is an array of tt_types. You'd be trying to assign a tt_type* to a tt_type).

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*tt = &TTABLE[/**/];

You're assigning your struct from a pointer. As clarified by no known conversion for argument 1 from'tt_type*' to 'const tt_type&' It cannot convert the tt_type* to a tt_type& to make the copy.

I don't know what TTABLE is, but I'd remove the & from it.

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