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I have some simple html editor. Let's say that user types following:

<p>Ok, this just &amp; sucks :) &ndash;</p>

and it is saved to some variable:

var content = "<p>Ok, this just &amp; sucks :) &ndash;</p>";

Now, somewhere I'm using jQuery to append this text to some element:

$(this).html(content); // where content is the string above

The problem is that it is escaped:

<p>Ok, this just &amp;amp; sucks :) &amp;ndash;</p>

How can I achieve to have the exact string with &amp ; and &ndash ; and also to have < and not &lt ; because I need html tags?

Edit: more details added

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The problem is not that jQuery is escaping the entities. I think if you use console.log to write the content string, you'll see that your editor is returning escaped entities to you.

The whole point of .html() vs .text() is that .html() is for HTML that will be treated as HTML.

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Thanks for response. Well yes, the "content" is escaped already (it contains the same text as the first code above), but jQuery re-escape it again and so the '&amp ; ndash ; ' is created. –  ladar Oct 14 '11 at 21:30
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