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Is it possible to set a ToolTip on the X and Y Axis labels on a databound chart? ToolTip exists in AxisY.CustomLabels, but I'm not sure how to make this work, or if there is an easier way.

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you want show a tooltip if you hover X and Y Axis labels .... –  pratap k Oct 15 '11 at 10:36

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Yes you can,

to show tooltip on X-Axis

Chart1.Series["SeriesName"].LabelToolTip = "#VALX [#VALY]";

and on the Y-Axis

Chart1.Series["SeriesName"].ToolTip = "#VALX [#VALY]";

VALX --> X-axis value VALY --> Y-axis value there are many as well like "#PERCENT" "#AVG" etc etc

you can put anyother tooltip as you like.

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if you hover X and Y Axis labels you can see the x-axis value and y-axis value at the tool tip.

        <asp:Series Name="Series1" ToolTip="#VALX(#VALY)""  >
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