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I know that there are TONS of questions asking the very same thing that I am asking on this very site, but I cannot get my login to work correctly.

The site that I am attempting to log into is located here

The code that I am using to do so is:

        private void wb_scanFile_DocumentCompleted(object sender, WebBrowserDocumentCompletedEventArgs e)
        if (wb_scanFile.Url.ToString() == "")
            string formUrl = ""; // NOTE: This is the URL the form POSTs to, not the URL of the form (you can find this in the "action" attribute of the HTML's form tag
            string formParams = string.Format("username={0}&password={1}", "mine", "mypass");
            string cookieHeader;
            WebRequest req = WebRequest.Create(formUrl);
            req.ContentType = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded";
            req.Method = "POST";
            byte[] bytes = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(formParams);
            req.ContentLength = bytes.Length;
            using (Stream os = req.GetRequestStream())
                os.Write(bytes, 0, bytes.Length);
            WebResponse resp = req.GetResponse();
            cookieHeader = resp.Headers["Set-cookie"];

What is the problem here? I don't understand why it's not filling in the text box correctly.

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What HTTP result code do you get? – saille Oct 15 '11 at 0:40
What text box?? – Jesper Fyhr Knudsen Oct 15 '11 at 0:47
I want to fill out both of the text boxes. Thanks – user725913 Oct 15 '11 at 17:20

You'll need to include another POST parameter doLogin=1.

The reason is that there is a hidden input in the login form called doLogin.

In all, there are 3 inputs in the HTML form login_form.

It's these types of things that need to be watched for when reverse engineering an HTML page.

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