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I want to create an iPhone app that uses a navigation scene similar to the one pictured in the link


Please note I do not want this to only work for iPad, I want it to work for iPhone exactly as pictured, when you click on a tableview item it hides the tableview and makes that view full screen. I want ideas on how to do this because I cannot figure it out myself.


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Facebook guys have done brilliant job in the new version of the app. The similar open source code can be found from here - JTRevealSidebarDemo. Please note that as of June 2014, this project has been discontinued, so you'll probably have better luck with a project from the list below.

It reveals technique behind doing split view for iPhone.

Edit: Few other open source codes:

  1. JWSlideMenu
  2. DDMenuController
  3. PKRevealController
  4. ViewDeck
  5. ECSlidingViewController
  6. MWFSlideNavigationViewController
  7. MFSideMenu
  8. SASlideMenu
  9. HHTabListController
  10. MTSlideViewController
  11. MTStackViewController
  12. MMDrawerController
  13. DMSideMenuController
  14. JVFloatingDrawer
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That is exactly what I wanted, thanks, I haven't had a chance to try it out yet but it doesn't contain anything that Apple wouldn't approve, like unofficial API's or anything, does it? – Matt Oct 15 '11 at 18:19
No, it doesn't. It works fine and very well managed code. – Sagar Oct 16 '11 at 14:01
Any idea how to do this on Android? – DanO Dec 3 '11 at 4:52
@Daniel have a look to for Android implementation. It's way more efficient than all other alternative.. – ChristopheCVB Feb 20 '13 at 15:40

How about projects with storyboard compatibility? I found 1 more slide menu which is compatible with storyboards: SASlideMenu

Another storyboard-compatible menu is ECSlidingViewController and ViewDeck from Sagar's answer. They both have storyboard examples (for the last one link is ViewDeckStoryboardExample)

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For anyone else looking for an Android version, take a look at:

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I realize you asked about facebook, but now that ios7 is out, and this is the defacto thread i thought id post here.

For an effect similar to the kindle app on ios7 you can use:

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If anyone else is looking for a way to implement this in MonoTouch now known as Xamarin.ios, take a look at this article I just found. monotouch slide out navigation


I just found that they have a free component for this! flyoutnavigation

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I noticed no one listed this wonderful class... SWRevealController.

I use it with my project apps all the time. It's Easy to use and heavily documented... There are also a few examples John gives to the user to understand how it works or if you'd like to derive your project from... Hope this helps

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SHSidebarControllerwith filder effect. This might be helpful to you.. try this :)

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This looks to be the best match for me.


It has nice scroll effect with finger and moves back on partial drag.

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MMDrawerController is very good option. You can configure many things. try it once

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I've been working on a floating-style navigation drawer that I hope people will like. It's on GitHub, take a look.

enter image description here

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