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I have an example class:

public class A {
    public int x;

If I were to do something like the following:

Class a = Class.forName("A");
for (Field f : a.getFields()) {

I would get this as output:

public int A.x

But what I really want is this:

public int x

I've looked through the Class and Field APIs but there doesn't seem to be a method for this. Is there a way of doing this?


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String str=Modifier.toString(f.getModifiers()) + " " + f.getType() + " " + f.getName());
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Thanks. Is there also a way to get rid of the java.lang. or any other qualifier that might appear in front of the return types? Like with Strings? – Jigglypuff Oct 15 '11 at 4:00
Try replacing f.getType() with f.getType().getSimpleName(). – Jonathan Callen Oct 15 '11 at 4:06

I think I would just parse it out then...

System.out.println(f.toString().replace(a.getName() + ".", ""));
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