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I am designing a movies management database. Each movie can have one or more producers , directors and many actors.
What would be a good design?

What I have done initially is :

I have 6 tables that are movies,producers,directors,actors,albums,songs

movies table with movie_id,title,date_released columns
A producers table with producer_id,producer_name,producer_age,movie_id(foreign key) columns and similar table columns for directors and actors.
An album table with album_id,title,year,movie_id
A songs table with songs_id,album_id,singer,writer.

The design seems to me very bad. How can I make it good ?

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Is this homework? –  Will Chesterfield Oct 15 '11 at 4:06
No , I am designing it to understand data warehouse concepts. and for that I need a database. that's why I want a better design –  Waheed Khan Oct 15 '11 at 4:12

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Movies will typically have several release dates; different countries get different dates. Perhaps add a table to join movie id and release dates with countries.

Producers will typically change their age every year. Sometimes producers die and their age ceases to be a number, though their lifespan doesn't change. Tracking the year of their birth would probably be better. Though it doesn't seem very useful to me anyway.

The songs table seems to be missing song names, which would be a very useful way to distinguish among different songs on an album sung by and written by the same person.

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Thanks yeah I have a song name column I just forgot to write Actually I'll be using the database for analysis , i-e I'll be building a data warehouse so keeping this in view what should I do? –  Waheed Khan Oct 15 '11 at 4:54

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