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Something is writing invalid files into my app's data directory. The app itself doesn't write any files at all. The data files are handcrafted and put into the directory before the app runs.

But, still, somehow, extranious files are appearing in the data directory.

Is there some Windows freeware which will monitor the directory for change and tell me which app is writing these files?

I'd rather not code it myself (I'm too busy code reading "the app which never writes files").

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Mark the directory as read-only before you run the program. That will tell you if your application or some component of it is writing the files, because the program will crash if it tries to write. Come to think of it, that'll prevent any other process from writing, too. The program that crashes is the culprit . . . –  Jim Mischel Oct 15 '11 at 4:48

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You can try to use this freeware tools for Windows:

  1. File Watcher Utilities
  2. ProcessActivityView
  3. RecentFilesView
  4. OpenedFilesView
  5. DiskMon
  6. Handle
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