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Newbie in Hibernate.

I've an existing schema in SQL Server and I used reverse-eng wizard in netbeans to generate POJOs from the schema. Now a decision has been made to switch to MySQL. Is there a way where I can run any hibernate utility to create tables and schema in MySQL from these POJOs?

Thank you Bo

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You can use the SchemaExport tool . It can be used via the command line , ant task or directly use the SchemaExport Class in the java code.

Here is the example to use the SchemaExport class ,

Configuration cfg = new Configuration().configure("your/hibernate/cfg/xml");
SchemaExport schemaExport= new SchemaExport(cfg);

/**First boolean means if print the generated  DDL script to the console
 Second boolean mean if execute the generated DDL script in the DB*/
schemaExport.create(true, true);

In the hibernate configuration xml , you have to specify your db connection info and your generated POJO from netbeans.

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Thanks a TON!! I'll take a look into this. –  BoCode Oct 16 '11 at 16:25

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