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how can configure synchronous Build in variety Collection? I need Multi-BuildController for variety Collection. Is the solution to manually install another build service and register another build controller to the 2nd collection?

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Is this article answer of your question? Configuring Multiple TFS Build Services on one Machine please describe more about problems of this solution..

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this article Multiple TFS 2010 Build Controllers on a Single Build Box has many problems, for example for any build service we should manually create and register it for any collection that this solution is difficult and have risks... –  A-Dastani Oct 15 '11 at 6:24
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The reason we have separate Team Project Collections is that we have different departments and people are involved in different projects form different departments(i.e. web, desktop, data processing, mobile programming). So want to let every body see the related collection to himself and not those of others.

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