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I've never done this before, so im lost here.

I have the following transactions table:

transaction_id  transaction_user    transaction_ammount transaction_time
1                     2                   950              1318482908
2                     2                   750              1318482916
3                     2                   950              1318482939

Then, I need to create a query, that helps me pull Weekly data, Grouped by Day so I can create a Chart, you get me?

I've got this so far in PHP that detects the week number and prints the complete Week Days (Im using phpbb3):

    $format = 'l'; 
    $ts = time();   // set current Unix timestamp
    $today = date($format, $ts); // set today
    $year = date('o', $ts);
    $week = date('W', $ts);
    $weekdays = 7; 

    for($i = 1; $i <= $weekdays; $i++) 
        // timestamp from ISO week date format
        $ts = strtotime($year.'W'.$week.$i);

        $day = date($format, $ts);
        // test if $day is $today
        if ($day == $today) {
            $day = '<strong>' . $day . '</strong>';

        $template->assign_block_vars('time', array(
            'DATE'                  => $day,

Now, I want to arrange the total sales that happened on Monday, Tuesday, .... etc...

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This can be done by SQL query –  Kannu Oct 15 '11 at 6:41

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this mysql query

select week(transaction_time) as weekno, weekday(transaction_time) as dayno, sum(transaction_ammount) as total_amount
group by     week(transaction_time), weekday(transaction_time)

will give you this result set


here are some references to those functions in mysql so you can interpret the data



UPDATE, try this sql as it might need to convert the timestamps for the other functions to work properly

select week(FROM_UNIXTIME(transaction_time)) as weekno, weekday(FROM_UNIXTIME(transaction_time)) as dayno, sum(transaction_ammount) as total_amount
group by    week(FROM_UNIXTIME(transaction_time)), weekday(FROM_UNIXTIME(transaction_time))
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I tried running the query, and it just gives the correct sum amount, but for the week(transaction_time) as weekno, weekday(transaction_time) as dayno it gives me just NULL... I also tried reading the links you gave me, I just need more guidance on how to get this right... –  Hector J. Faudoa Oct 15 '11 at 7:15
what is the datatype of the transaction_time column in your table? see update in answer –  bumperbox Oct 15 '11 at 7:18
ok I just added WEEK(FROM_UNIXTIME(transaction_time)) as weekno that did the job, now I think I can proceed with the next step of presenting the information correctly –  Hector J. Faudoa Oct 15 '11 at 7:20

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