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I am trying to convert on the fly pdf documents to swf to use with FlexPaper viewer. When I try to convert Paper.pdf (wich is the pdf bring in the flexpaper example) I got an error 139.

Here is the php code :

$command = "/usr/local/bin/pdf2swf Paper.pdf -o Paper.swf -T 9 -f";

When i execute these command with verbose mode (-vv) i get this :

NOTICE File contains jpeg pictures [1174] => DEBUG | moveTo -0.70 438.30 [1175] => DEBUG | lineTo -0.70 729.35 [1176] => DEBUG | lineTo 413.35 729.35 [1177] => DEBUG | lineTo 413.35 438.30 [1178] => DEBUG | lineTo -0.70 438.30 [1179] => VERBOSE Drawing 576x405 jpeg-image (id 90) at size 576x405 (414x291), >256 colors [1180] => Segmentation fault (core dumped) ) 139

I try running pdf2swf with "-O 1" and "-O 2" flag. With no success.

With '-O 1' i get : VERBOSE endPage (GfxOutputDev) [752] => VERBOSE Flushing bitmap (bbox: 56,56,118,89 62x33) (clipped against 0,0,595,841) [753] => VERBOSE Drawing 62x33 image (id 10) at size 62x33 (62x33), 17 colors [754] => Segmentation fault (core dumped) ) 139

and with "-O 2": endPage (FullBitmapOutputDev) [558] => VERBOSE Flushing bitmap (bbox: 0,56,595,800) [559] => VERBOSE Drawing 595x744 image (id 10) at size 595x744 (595x744), >256 colors [560] => Segmentation fault (core dumped) ) 139

Any help would be appreciated.

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Segmentation fault (core dumped)

This means that the version of pdf2swf you are trying to use is buggy.

You should try to build the latest version, and if that still crashes, you can try filing a bug against pdf2swf, or debug it yourself.

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