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While debbuging my application, the following is the error that I am getting,

Single stepping until exit from function prepareForMethodLookup, which has no line number information.

Let me explain you what I am doing. I have a view controller which calls a method named formatBill() of the same class (i.e [self formatBill] ). When I call the method the first time, it works fine but when I call it again, it crashes! Here's how I am calling it

- (void)printBillWithTransactionNumber:(NSString *)transactionNumber
      [self formatBiller];
      lineaProObj = [[LineaPro alloc] init];

     if([lineaProObj printTheBill:completeBill withTransactionNumber:transactionNumber]) 

    [self showSingleButtonAlertView:@"Print Successful" :nil : PRINT_SUCCESSFUL_TAG:@"OK"];    //success
else {//failure

    [self showDoubleButtonAlertView:@"Bluetooth Error" :@"Could not establish bluetooth connection to the printer.\n" : @"Cancel": @"Try Again" :PRINT_ERROR_TAG ];

When I debug for the second time around, the breakpoint, which is currently inside the formatBill method, somehow magically comes back to formatBill calling position(i.e. back to the printBillWithTransactionNumber method). Please help me in this regard

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I guess you tried restarting Xcode and maybe even your Mac? Both GDB as well as LLDB sometimes behave rather odd. Also, I guess you just forgot the '}' at the end of this method, right? Finally: What kind of method calling is this? ':@"Print Successful" :nil : PRINT_SUCCESSFUL_TAG:@"OK"' Shouldn't there be some bits of the method name between the arguments? –  Phlibbo Oct 15 '11 at 10:51
Phlibbo I tried that...Thanks..its working now.Though I must say it happened after a lot of restarts..Dont know why –  sandeep kumar sinha Oct 18 '11 at 9:46

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