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can anyone please explain, with an example if possible, how to load dynamic content inside an iscroll div and assign a new height to it?

I can get it to work but I can't control the height of the scroll for the new content.

I'm new to all this and have no clue were to start.

here's what I'm working on:

when the page is loaded you see the scroll bar where there's no content... clicking on print/damm (shows the height I originally set for this content) clicking on print/fcbarcelona (maintains the same height and position of the scroll you used before) as you see it's not working as it should. obviously, I don't want the scroll to be there when it's not necessary.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It's better to use the refresh() method in iScroll, which will recalculate the height.

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try this, when you insert your new data into iScroll do these steps

//myScroll is a global variable you initialize iScroll on
myScroll = null;
loaded();//this is a functions where you have have your iScroll initializer 
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thanks for this, worked for me perfectly. – JasonMHirst Feb 8 '12 at 10:36
*Meant to be destroy() – Ben Taliadoros Sep 18 '14 at 10:43

I had a similar problem, and just refresh() didn't help, so didn't help destroying and recreating iScroll. In my case I was loading a lot of elements into iScroll div. What did solve the problem is setTimeout(). As MASTERING THE REFRESH() METHOD said adding even 0ms to a setTimeout() would solve a lot of problems. In my case it was 500ms. =

here is code sample:

    var myScroll;

    function createIScroll(){
    myScroll = new iScroll('wrapper');

    function iScrollRefresh(){
      }, 500);
//receiving data
function someFunction(){
  //dynamic content is created

My problem was that refresh() function was executed before content was inserted into DOM, so increasing timeout helped. I hope it helps to beginners like me.

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same for me, refresh alone didn't work, but setTimeout did solve the issue, thanks. – Yasmine Jul 7 '13 at 21:46

To watch height changes:

setInterval(function () {
    var newScrollerHeight = $scroller.innerHeight();

    if (newScrollerHeight !== prevScrollerHeight) {
         prevScrollerHeight = newScrollerHeight;
}, 500);
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