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I need to check if my shared host has suexec or suphp. I found this documentation: http://www.alain.knaff.lu/howto/PhpSuexec/

At the very end of this document there is a test. When I run the test, it says:

Warning: system() has been disabled for security reasons in /home.......... on line 3

Is there any other method to check it? (I have SSH access)

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You should ask your hoster. –  hakre Oct 15 '11 at 10:13

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the best and simplest way I have found to test it is to have a PHP script executing the "id" command:

put the following in a .php file, and uplaod via ft. then, visit the file location in your browser.

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what's the expected outcome that tells if it is enabled? –  JackDev Jan 14 at 3:39
You should see something similar to: "uid=978(username) gid=971(username) groups=971(username)". –  Matteo Ceserani Apr 1 at 9:01

Because of warning system() has been disabled for security reasons, you should run this PHP function getmyuid() instead of system():

echo "<p>Current User ID: ".getmyuid()."</p>";
echo "<p>Current Script Owner: ".get_current_user()."</p>";
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