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I'm trying to remove the first character in LastNames that start with a space. The code below seems to clear LastName entirely, making the field empty. Do you see something wrong?


while (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM [Table] WHERE LastName LIKE ' %') > 0

    Select Top 1 @Id = Id, @LastName = LastName FROM [Table] WHERE LastName LIKE ' %'
    UPDATE [Table] SET LastName = SUBSTRING(@LastName, 1, LEN(@LastName)) WHERE Id = @Id
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For me the code you posted runs in an infinite loop.

LastName = SUBSTRING(LastName, 1, LEN(LastName)) will have no effect other than removing right trailing space (as that is not counted by LEN). To remove the left most character you would need SUBSTRING(LastName, 2, LEN(LastName) - 1).

But, you don't need a RBAR (Row By Agonizing Row) loop here just use

UPDATE [Table]
SET LastName = LTRIM(LastName) 
WHERE LastName  LIKE ' %'

to update all matching rows in a set based way.

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I don't quite understand why you're using a LIKE '°%' statement in the SELECT statement, while restricting. Next to that, you should avoid executing queries inside a loop, since that will hurt performance badly.

SQL is set based , so it is perfectly possible to execute this code without using a loop.

UPDATE [Table]
SET LastName = LTRIM(LastName)
WHERE LastName LIKE ' %'
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LTRIM is needed here. The OP's code will process the same row multiple times if it has more than one leading space (and LastName = SUBSTRING(LastName, 1 LEN(LastName) will not have the desired effect anyway) –  Martin Smith Oct 15 '11 at 11:21

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