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I am creating downloader application. I am facing a problem with proxy authentication. I am getting 407 response code i.e proxy authentication required. I have valid proxy authentication details.

Following is Code Flow:

 1. Create Http request using CFHTTPMessageCreateRequest
 2. Set necessary header field values like Cache-Control, Accept-Ranges, Range & User-Agent  using CFHTTPMessageSetHeaderFieldValue
 3. Create read stream using CFReadStreamCreateForHTTPRequest
 4. Set proxy server URL & port properties on read stream using CFReadStreamSetProperty
 5. Set kCFStreamPropertyHTTPShouldAutoredirect to kCFBooleanTrue using CFReadStreamSetProperty
 6. open read stream using CFReadStreamOpen
 7. In a loop wait for stream to get opened

while (1)
     if (kCFStreamStatusOpen == CFReadStreamGetStatus)
           if (CFReadStreamHasBytesAvailable)
                 Get Http response header using CFReadStreamCopyProperty
                 Get response code using CFHTTPMessageGetResponseStatusCode
                 if (200 || 206 is response code)
                 else check if response code is 407.

I tried using following code

if (407 == nsiStatusCode)
CFStreamError err;
cfAuthentication = CFHTTPAuthenticationCreateFromResponse(NULL, cfHttpResponse);
if ((cfAuthentication) && (CFHTTPAuthenticationIsValid(cfAuthentication, &err)))
if (CFHTTPAuthenticationRequiresUserNameAndPassword(cfAuthentication))
CFHTTPMessageApplyCredentials(cfHttpRequest, cfAuthentication, (CFStringRef)pnsUserName, (CFStringRef)pnsPassword, &err);

but unable to make it work. How do I handle 407 status code so as to communicate with authenticating HTTP server?

Thanks in advance. Vaibhav.

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Build a CFHTTPMessageRef

   NSURL *myURL = [NSURL URLWithString:@"http://myurl.com"];
   NSData *dataToPost = [[NSString stringWithString:@"POST Data It Doesn't Matter What It Is"] dataUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding];

   //Create with the default allocator (NULL), a post request,
   //the URL, and pick either
   //kCFHTTPVersion1_0 or kCFHTTPVersion1_1
   CFHTTPMessageRef request = CFHTTPMessageCreateRequest(NULL, CSTR("POST"), (CFURLRef)myURL, kCFHTTPVersion1_1);

   CFHTTPMessageSetBody(request, (CFDataRef)dataToPost);

   //Unfortunately, this isn't smart enough to set reasonable headers for you
   CFHTTPMessageSetHeaderFieldValue(request, CFSTR("HOST"), (CFStringRef)[myURL host]);
   CFHTTPMessageSetHeaderFieldValue(request, CFSTR("Content-Length"), (CFStringRef)[NSString stringWithFormat:"%d", [dataToPost length]);
   CFHTTPMessageSetHeaderFieldValue(request, CFSTR("Content-Type"), CFSTR("charset=utf-8"));

   return [NSMakeCollectable(request) autorelease];

Send it to the server and read back the response

   CFReadStreamRef requestStream = CFReadStreamCreateForHTTPRequest(NULL, request);

   NSMutableData *responseBytes = [NSMutableData data];

   CFIndex numBytesRead = 0 ;
      UInt8 buf[1024];
      numBytesRead = CFReadStreamRead(requestStream, buf, sizeof(buf));

      if(numBytesRead > 0)
         [responseBytes appendBytes:buf length:numBytesRead];

   } while(numBytesRead > 0);

   CFHTTPMessageRef response = (CFHTTPMessageRef)CFReadStreamCopyProperty(requestStream, kCFStreamPropertyHTTPResponseHeader);
   CFHTTPMessageSetBody(response, (CFDataRef)responseBytes);


   return [NSMakeCollectable(response) autorelease];

Adding Authentication to an HTTP Request

-(void)addAuthenticationToRequest:(CFHTTPMessageRef)request withResponse:(CFHTTPMessageRef)response
   CFHTTPAuthenticationRef authentication = CFHTTPAuthenticationCreateFromResponse(NULL, response);
   [NSMakeCollectable(authentication) autorelease];

   CFStreamError err;
   Boolean success = CFHTTPMessageApplyCredentials(request, authentication, CFSTR("username"), CFSTR("password"), &err);

Putting It All Together

   CFHTTPMessageRef request = [self buildMessage];
   CFHTTPMessageRef response = [self performHTTPRequest: request];

   UInt32 statusCode;
   statusCode = CFHTTPMessageGetResponseStatusCode(response);

   //An HTTP status code of 401 or 407 indicates that authentication is  
   //required I use an auth count to make sure we don't get stuck in an    
   //infinite loop if our credentials are bad. Sometimes, making the    
   //request more than once lets it go through.
   //I admit I don't know why.

   int authCount = 0;
   while((statusCode == 401 || statusCode == 407) && authCount < 3)
      request = [self buildMessage];
      [self addAuthenticationToRequest:request withResponse:response];

      response = [self performHTTPRequest: request];
      statusCode = CFHTTPMessageGetResponseStatusCode;

    NSData *responseBodyData = [(NSData*)CFHTTPMessageCopyBody(response) autorelease];
   NSString *responseBody = [[[NSString alloc] initWithData:responseBodyData encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding] autorelease];


Refer this link.

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