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In Flask 0.8, I know I can access individual form fields using, but is there a simple way of iterating over all the form fields? I'm building an email message body, and I'd like to loop over all the fields and create a fieldname/value entry for each, as opposed to manually building it by naming each field and appending.

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I suspect that your are using WTForms.

You can iterate over form data:

for fieldname, value in

You can iterate over all form fields:

for field in form:
    # these are available to you:
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The form object has an iterator defined on it:

{% for field in form %}
    {% if field.type == "BooleanField" %}
        <td>{{ field }} {{ field.label }}</td>
    {% else %}
        <td>{{ field.label }}</td>
        <td>{{ field }}</td>
    {% end %}
{% endfor %}

This is from

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