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I have many instances off a program that use a SerialPort-Connection.

The first instance should open the serialport and the last should close the connection.

The instances between this two should check if the connection is open and use it.

The instances cant communicate between themselves.

My idea was this:

All instances do this at the beginning:

port = new SerialPort( portName );
if (!port.IsOpen)

The last one check if a property is set and close the port if necessary

if (ClosePort && port.IsOpen)

But this didn't work (permission denied). I think it is because every instances create a new SerialPort object?!.

But I cant give every instances the SerialPort-object from the first instance. Is there another way to do it?

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Use a named Mutex to find out if you are the first instance or not. If you are the first use a NamedPipeServerStream to handle requests to serial ports and manage sending receiving them. The rest of serial port access code in your application should use a NamedPipeClientStream instead of a serial port object directly. Only NamedPipeServerStream should be accessing to serial port.

What's inefficient is that you need to broadcast the received response from serial port to all clients if it's a two way communication. If you need a turn-based exclusive access to serial port for brief periods and you want other clients to wait, you can use another named Mutex to keep other processes waiting and synchronize access to the serial port.

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You should adopt a Client/Server schema, where the server manages the serial port, and clients connect to the server to make its operations.

You can do it with a simple socket.

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