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Example command:

prop = matplotlib.pyplot.scatter(x,y,s=s,c=c)

dir(prop) shows set_edgecolor, set_edgecolors, set_linestyle, set_linestyles - why so many variations on the same thing?

Also, how do I remove the edgecolors? Setting values to None does nothing. And how do I change the marker size after the plotting? There does not appear to be a markersize attribute that I can access...


If the symbols are generated through plyplot.plot, there is a markersize attribute to change it seems. But with pyplot.scatter, not present.

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FYI: A lot of the differences between plot and scatter have been fixed in the most recent version of matplotlib. To remove the edge colors, set them to the string 'none'. In general in matplotlib, None means "use the default setting", whereas 'none' means "no color". –  Joe Kington Oct 15 '11 at 22:30
Wow. The difference between None and 'none' is quite relevant! Thanks -- if you could put it as the answer I can mark it as solved... –  crippledlambda Oct 16 '11 at 5:20

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It'd give using 'none' a go to see if that solves your issue with edgecolor. That typically sets attributes to no color.

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