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This is the format of the json that I get from Yahoo pipes.

            "title":"Freak count feed",
            "description":"Pipes Output",
            "pubDate":"Sat, 15 Jan 2011 05:53:12 -0320",
                {"title":"photos count",
                "y:title":"photos count",
                {"title":"videos count",
                "y:title":"videos count",
                {"title":"blogs count",
                "y:title":"blogs count",

I have the Yahoo pipes url. How do i parse the json from the url using jquery to get the count from the 'description' for each content type?

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use 'value.description' – Dev Oct 15 '11 at 13:07

Try -

var data = json string

$(data.value.items).each(function(index, element){
    alert(element.title+' : '+element.description);

Demo -

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If you are using jquery for handling the ajax request you can do the following and everything will be already be safely parsed and evaluated.

$.get(url, arguments, function(data){...},"json");

Adding json to the end of a $.get $.post or $.ajax call will automatically parse the json for you. This also works with "xml" if you want to.

Afterwards you just access it like:

$.post(url, {arg1:"arg1", arg2:"arg2"},
   }, "json");
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