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I've started to use https://github.com/robconery/massive for a project, I wonder if there is any mapping tool that allows support for Dynamic to static type mapping?

I've used AutoMapper previously, does AutoMapper support this?

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In reply to the first answer (Which seem to have now been deleted)

I am aware of the DynamicMap function from AutoMapper, however I believe this function is for running maps without creating the Map first. In my example below it does not work.

            dynamic CurUser = _users.GetSingleUser(UserID);   
            var retUser = Mapper.DynamicMap<UserModel>(CurUser);

_users.GetSingleUser(UserID); Returns a dynamic Object.

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AutoMapper does not support this (Massive internally uses ExpandoObject which doesn't provide which properties it has), and you are right Mapper.DynamicMap is for mapping without creating mapping configuration.

I don't know any other tool with this dynamic -> static mapping capability but maybe you can try to use one of other micro ORMs which are using POCOs instead of dynamic. Like Dapper, PetaPoco

Actually it's not hard to write yourself a mapper if you just want simple mapping:

public static class DynamicToStatic
    public static T ToStatic<T>(object expando)
        var entity = Activator.CreateInstance<T>();

        //ExpandoObject implements dictionary
        var properties = expando as IDictionary<string, object>; 

        if (properties == null)
            return entity;

        foreach (var entry in properties)
            var propertyInfo = entity.GetType().GetProperty(entry.Key);
                propertyInfo.SetValue(entity, entry.Value, null);
        return entity;

dynamic CurUser = _users.GetSingleUser(UserID);   
var retUser = DynamicToStatic.ToStatic<UserModel>(CurUser);
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I have been struggling with this for hours this afternoon +1. Thanks –  abarr Nov 6 '11 at 11:48
@nemesv "[...]ExpandoObject which doesn't provide which properties it has)[...]" <--- ExpandoObject implements IDictionary<string, object> so you can cast to this interface and use ContainsKey. –  Matías Fidemraizer Apr 8 at 13:28
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Try Slapper.AutoMapper https://github.com/randyburden/Slapper.AutoMapper

"Slapper.AutoMapper maps dynamic data to static types"

It works for both dynamic and Dictionary<A, B> which is awesome.

Here's an example (taken from the URL above) showing how easily it works with Dictionary:

public class Person
    public int Id;
    public string FirstName;
    public string LastName;

public void Can_Map_Matching_Field_Names_With_Ease()
    // Arrange
    var dictionary = new Dictionary<string, object>
                                { "Id", 1 },
                                { "FirstName", "Clark" },
                                { "LastName", "Kent" }

    // Act
    var person = Slapper.AutoMapper.Map<Person>( dictionary );

    // Assert
    Assert.NotNull( person );
    Assert.That( person.Id == 1 );
    Assert.That( person.FirstName == "Clark" );
    Assert.That( person.LastName == "Kent" );
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