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<asp:CreateUserWizard ID="CreateUserWizard1" runat="server" CreateUserButtonText="Register">
        <asp:CreateUserWizardStep ID="CreateUserWizardStep1" runat="server">
                <table class="style1">
                    <!-- snip -->
                        <asp:TextBox ID="UserName" runat="server" /><br />

                        <asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID="RequiredFieldValidator9" runat="server" 
                            ControlToValidate="UserName" ErrorMessage="Username is required." 
                            Font-Size="Small" Display="Dynamic" ToolTip="Username is required.">
                            Username is required.
                <!-- snip -->
            <asp:Literal ID="ErrorMessage" runat="server" EnableViewState="False"></asp:Literal>
        <asp:CompleteWizardStep ID="CompleteWizardStep1" runat="server">

How do I use FindControl to find the UserName TextBox?

I have tried:

  • Dim createuserwizard = CType(sender, CreateUserWizard)
  • Dim userNameTextBox As TextBox = CType(createuserwizard.CreateUserStep.ContentTemplateContainer.FindControl("UserName"), TextBox)
  • Dim userNameTextBox As TextBox = CType(CreateUserWizardStep1.FindControl("UserName"), TextBox)

But none of these work for me.

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The UserWizardStep's child control is a CreateUserStepContainer control, so you'll have to use FindControl from there. This will work...

Dim userNameTextBox as TextBox = CType(CreateUserWizardStep1.Controls(0).FindControl("UserName"), TextBox)
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