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Using Xcode 4.2, how can one enable/disable "Automatic Reference Counting"?

ANSWERED Under Build Settings, flip "yes" and "no" depending whether you want ARC enabled.

enter image description here

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possible duplicate of How do you enable ARC project-wide in Xcode 4.2 – bobobobo Sep 24 '12 at 2:06
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Go to "Build Settings", look for "Apple LLVM compiler 3.0 - Language". Set the field "Objective-C Automatic Reference Counting" to "No".

enter image description here

For individual files:

Go to "Build Phases", select the file, double-click the "Compiler Flags" column and put "-fno-objc-arc" in it.

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I will, but note that ARC is not available on the Snow Leopard OSX (10.6) version of XCode 4.2 – cli_hlt Oct 15 '11 at 14:36
Nice answer, but you'll have a wizard's help if you go Edit/Refactor – bobobobo Sep 24 '12 at 2:07

To enable ARC per-file, you can also set your "Compiler Flags" under "Build Phases" to -fobjc-arc. Make sure your compiler is set to Apple LLVM compiler 4.x and not LLVM GCC 4.2.

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In XCode 4.6 this property has now changed to CLANG_ENABLE_OBJC_ARC

XCode 4.6 enabling Obj-C Automatic Reference Counting property

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This will depend entirely on whether you want to disable it for the whole project or for individual classes.

For the whole project you want to go to your project settings and search for Automatic Reference Counting and select yes.

For individual files go to build phases in project settings then compile sources and set the compiler flag for the file you want to disable ARC for to -fno-objc-arc

source: Disable Automatic Reference Counting For Individual Classes

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