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OK, this is driving me crazy. I've searched for hours & tried almost everything, but scripts downloaded with ScriptManager.axd will not cache. They ALWAYS end up marked as no-cache with a expires=-1.

I posted this at the following link , but none of that worked.


Some things I've tried:

1) Set compilation debug="false" in web.config.

2) Added a HTTP handler that searched for ScriptManager.axd and then set headers. This is described here: http://www.componentart.com/community/forums/p/34409/34409.aspx. I actually set a breakpoint in the http handler & confirmed that it was being hit, but guess what? None of the headers I set for ScriptResource.axd ended up in the response!!!

3) Added this section to web.config.

<system.web.extensions >
<scripting >
<scriptResourceHandler enableCompression=“true” enableCaching=“true”/ >
</scripting >
</system.web.extensions >

4) set this attribute in machine.config

<configuration >
<system.web >
<deployment retail="true" />
</system.web >
</configuration >

5) Set ScriptMode="Release" in the ScriptManager tag.

Seriously, what gives? Why is this so difficult? Is the ScriptManager that buggy? Am I missing something obvious? WHY didn't the response attributes I set in the HTTP handler end up in the response?

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I found this link somewhere mentioning the same issue. This might be of some help to you

WebResource.axd and HTTP Headers

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Check the Application pool pipeline mode. Also there may be some Global.asax files in your project which can override the cache header settings.

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