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I am new to the wcf service. Suppose we have one method in WCF service as follows

interface Data
    String GetData()

Now we will consume the service by adding the service reference to our project. Then we can access the generated proxy class in our project as follows

using WcfService1.WebServiceReference

namespace AccessLayer
    class ServcieCall

        String GetResult()

            //Proxy class
            WebServiceClient ClientObj=new WebServiceClient()
            ClientObj.getDataCompleted += new getDataCompleted(GetString)

I know that the wcf web services are synchronous by default. I want to know that why we use the event hander first and then followed by async method while calling the web service method (like in the above code) ? Why we use these specific method call pattern in wcf service ? In interview interviewer asked me this question. Please give me detailed explanation.

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Is this a Silverlight application? Everything has to be async in Silverlight. – John Saunders Oct 15 '11 at 20:22
Because you get it for free when you add a service reference. It doesn't block the UI thread. These are all too obvious answers. – Candide Oct 15 '11 at 20:25

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