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Is it possible to override the name of this colummn? I'm changing some parts of my applications to use STI and there are other fields in use for. I would also prefer it to be of type integer.

Any ideas?

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You can use set_inheritance_column to change the name:

Sets the name of the inheritance column to use to the given value, or (if the value is nil or false) to the value returned by the given block.

But the column still has to be a string as AR will want to put the class name in there:

Single table inheritance
Active Record allows inheritance by storing the name of the class in a column that by default is named “type” (can be changed by overwriting Base.inheritance_column).

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According to the code in ActiveRecord::ModelSchema (3.2), the set_inheritance_column method is now deprecated and you should use self.inheritance_column = columm

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