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To all PHP experts out there:

I'm trying to count the words in paragraphs of texts. Right now I'm using the str_word_count, which is going great except the single quotation marks are messing things up.

The function is counting

'propter' and propter

as different words. It is also counting

et' and et

'non and non

as different words.

Basically I'm asking how, I can get the function to ignore the single quotations. The text is all in latin so there are no instances of single quotations within words (if that makes any difference).

Thanks for your help

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Have you tried to use str_replace("'", '', $str) before you use str_word_cound? –  mqchen Oct 15 '11 at 18:41

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Slightly hacky solution, but you should be able to do:

$count = str_word_count(str_replace("'",'',$str));

...and get the answer you want, given the example problems above.


If you are trying to get the number of unique words in the passage, as suggested by Pablo M. Prieto, you can do it like this:

$count = count(array_unique(str_word_count(strtolower(str_replace("'",'',$str)),1)));
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You can always remove the single quotation marks before using the str_word_count().

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Actually, that is the default behavior of str_word_count() function. It counts the amount of words in the paragraph.

So if you have:

$paragraph = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet 'lorem' ipsum 'dolor'";


$paragraph = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet lorem ipsum dolor";

it will return int(8) for both of them.

Were you trying to count the amount of unique words in the paragraph?

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