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Let's say we embed a YouTube video on a web page.

Underneath the video player, could we display subtitles synched to the video using a media framework like Popcorn.js?

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If you choose the HTML5 version when embedding the YouTube video and if it's actually being played within an HTML5 browser, it's just a video tag so you can use Popcorn.js. When it's a Flash, I'm not sure if you can get into that Flash and know the progress and listen to the events.

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Interesting you mentioned Popcorn.js, because Popcorn does support Youtube.

Buuut, that documentation is out of date.

It is now:

"var example ="

There are new docs on their way.

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If you use the YouTube JavaScript Player API, you can use player.getCurrentTime() to find out which line of subtitling to show.

Then again, YouTube already supports subtitles to begin with.

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