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I learn tornado. Picking their demo chat, maybe anybody can explain to me this:
Template variable -messages

class MainHandler(BaseHandler): @tornado.web.authenticated def get(self): self.render("index.html", messages=MessageMixin.cache)


<div id="inbox"> {% for message in messages %} {% module Template("message.html", message=message) %} {% end %} </div>

This is a users' messages in chat, but they are inserted via javascript.
If you remove template variable messages, then everything works fine too. Why in the template, this variable?

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This is a cache is written in earlier posts. – user962963 Oct 16 '11 at 8:09

The MessageMixin.cache gives you the list of last N messages (200 by default), that was sent before you opened the page, so they are rendered by Tornado on server side. While javascript is used to render messages, which were sent after you opened the page.

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