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I have two open source files I've been messing around with, one file is a small macro script I'm working with, second is a txt file filled with commands I'd like to insert in to the first script in a random order within their respective lines. I've managed to come up with this script for searching and replacing the values, but not to insert them in a random order from the second txt file.

def replaceAll(file,searchExp,replaceExp):
    for line in fileinput.input(file, inplace=1):
        if searchExp in line:
            line = line.replace(searchExp,replaceExp)

replaceAll('C:/Users/USERACCOUNT/test/test.js','InterSearchHere', RandomValueFrom2ndTXT)

Any help if greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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import random
import itertools as it

def replaceAll(file,searchExp,replaceExps):
    for line in fileinput.input(file, inplace=1):
        if searchExp in line:
            line = line.replace(searchExp,next(replaceExps))

with open('SecondFile','r') as f:
random.shuffle(replaceExps)         # randomize the order of the commands
replaceExps=it.cycle(replaceExps)   # so you can call `next(replaceExps)`

replaceAll('C:/Users/USERACCOUNT/test/test.js','InterSearchHere', replaceExps)

Each time you call next(replaceExps) you get a different line from the second file.

When a finite iterator is exhausted, next(replaceExps) will raise a StopIteration exception. To prevent that from ever happening, I used itertools.cycle to make the shuffled command list repeat ad infinitum.

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