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i watch the previous question about my question but

my problem was

if i want to write احمد in image apper د م ح ا

i fix it and now write like ا ح م د

using this function

function arab($word){

       $w = explode(' ',$word) ;

       $f = array(array('ا','أ'),'ب','ت','ث','ج','ح','د','ذ','ر','ز','س','ش','ص','ض','ط','ظ','ع','غ','ف','ق','ك','ل','م','ن','ه','و','ى');

       $t = array(array('ا_','أ_'),'ب_','ت_','ث_','ج_','ح_','د_','ذ_','ر_','ز_','س_','ش_','ص_','ض_','ط_','ظ_','ع_','غ_','ف_','ق_','ك_','ل_','م_','ن_','ه_','و_','ى_');

       $my_arab = '' ;

       foreach($w as $wo)
             $r  = array() ;

             $wo = str_replace($f , $t ,$wo);

             $ne = explode('_', $wo) ;

             foreach($ne as $new) {
                $new = str_replace('_','',$new) ;
                array_unshift($r , $new);

            $my_arab .=  ' '.implode('',$r) ;


     return trim($my_arab) ;


but new problem is

ا ح م د

and it should be


how can i fix this

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Sorry, I don't understand the question. If you want احمد to appear as احمد, why do you route it through this function? –  Juhana Oct 15 '11 at 20:12
Because it apper like ا ح م د its right but with spaces between letters –  Passer By Oct 15 '11 at 20:15

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you must use bidi converter i use it to write persian in images

# Persian Image 1
# Copyright (c) 2011 Saeed Arab Sheybani
# This program is under the terms of the GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL)
# as published by the FREE SOFTWARE FOUNDATION. The GPL is available
# through the world-wide-web at http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html
# Authors: Saeed Arab Sheybani <webrefer@Gmail.com>
# Thanks to TCPDF project @ http://www.tecnick.com/ i use unicode_data.php and bidi.php from this site

 * A function to change persian or arabic text from its logical condition to visual
 * @author      Saeed Arab Sheybani <webrefer@Gmail.com>
 * @param       string  Main text you want to change it
 * @param       boolean Apply e'raab characters or not? default is true
 * @param       boolean Which encoding? default it "utf8"
 * @param       boolean Do you want to change special characters like "allah" or "lam+alef" or "lam+hamza", default is true
function Persian_image(&$str)

    $text = explode("\n", $str);

    $str = array();

    foreach($text as $line){
        $chars = bidi::utf8Bidi(bidi::UTF8StringToArray($line), 'R');
        $line = '';
        foreach($chars as $char){
            $line .= bidi::unichr($char);

        $str[] = $line;

    $str = implode("\n", $str);
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