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Hi everyone I would like to ask about the logical clock in distrbuted system. Lamport algorithms defines that when events a in process Pi send a message, and in Process Pj events b received that message, then it could be defined that events a is happened before b. Suppose before Process Pj received the message at events b, events c happened on Pj (thus c is happened before b) and send a message Process Pi, and then Process Pi received the message at events d after event a, then we have event c, as well as a, happened before d.

My question is, how to define the relationship between event a (The first event happened on Process Pi)and event c(The first event happened on Process Pj)? How to let process Pi and Pj both agree on the order of event a and c?

Lamport Algorithm: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamport_timestamps

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The answer is simple. Based on the Lamport algorithm, you cannot define any relationships between events a and c. All the things we know are:

a -> b and c -> d and a -> d and c -> b

but you cannot conclude either a -> c or c -> a that's all.

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