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I'm currently trying to get into x86 assembly ( I already have some pre-existing knowledge with x51 assembly) and I'm looking for a simple IDE+assembler+emulator for the assembly output.

Can you recommend any?

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I recommend the Flat Assembler. Comes with a pretty nice and tiny IDE, runs on Windows, Linux, and MS-DOS.

There's also the Netwide Assembler, which comes with a disassembler, but no IDE. Altough FASM's simple IDE is easily reproduced with any editor that allows for external commands.

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Is it possible to set the Flat Assembler as the default program for opening .asm files? –  Anderson Green Jan 20 '13 at 6:02

Masm32 comes with a text editor that works well. Not a full-blown IDE, but a full IDE is not of as much use for Asm as it is for higher level languages anyways. It's licensed, but is licensed as freeware. I've used a number of different assemblers over the years and have never encountered one that I truly didn't like. However, Masm32 is my current favorite.

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