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At the moment i am using this to 'get' my external html file, and then use mustache to append to that template's ID :

 $.get('block.html', function(data) {

            var list = {
                       name : 'whatever'  


and the file block.html would look like:

<script id="Block" type="x-tmpl-mustache">
My name is {{name}}

Now, is there a better way of doing this because at the moment i am appending twice?

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Well, the jquery mustache plugin is great for when the template is inside your current document.

But here you have a different use case and the helpers provided by mustache itself are sufficient to do the job. So, just :

$.get('block.html', function(template) {
    var view = {name:'whatever'};
    var html = Mustache.to_html(template, view);
    // and now append the html anywhere you like

And in this case, your block.html can become:

My name is {{name}}
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works great. thanks –  odle Oct 16 '11 at 3:22

You can use Chevron to load external templates from files like so:

You add in your html a link to your template file:

<link href="path/to/template.mustache" rel="template" id="templateName"/>

Then, in you JS you can render your template like so:

$("#templateName").Chevron("render", {name: "Slim Shady"}, function(result){
    // do something with 'result'
    // 'result' will contain the result of rendering the template
    // (in this case 'result' will contain: My name is Slim Shady)

The docs of Chevron will give more examples

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