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I'm optimizing a bottleneck that, not surprisingly, is the result of tens of thousands of appends in a loop.

I'm familiar with the pattern of accumulating new elements as strings, then joining and inserting them in a single append. But what if those elements have text content that needs to be escaped, i.e. would normally be set using .text()?

I'm currently creating these as separate elements, appending them to a container outside the DOM, then inserting that container. Is there a faster approach?

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Why cannot you escape the text using javascript? Even if it's regexes it's (or should be!) much faster than using DOM. – Esailija Oct 15 '11 at 23:40
yeah ur right in saying that append() would be a performance bottleneck, just concatenate them together like text + text and then append the whole chunk, even better build the block server side and then append it. If you need to use text just stick it all in a wrapper div and go $("#wrapper").text(block) and then append the wrapper – Tules Oct 16 '11 at 0:15
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Use the accumulation-as-string method. If you need to simulate the text() method, use the shown escapeText method like this:

var escapeText = function(s)
   return s.split('&').join('&amp;').split('<').join('&lt;').split('>').join('&gt;').split('"').join('&quot;');

var someArray = ....
var toInsert = '';
for (var i=0; i<someArray.length; i++)
   toInsert += '<p>' + escapeText(someArray[i]) + '</p>';
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