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I'm developing a Fb app, and occasionally the app sends user-generated requests to other users. These requests show up as notifications at the top of the Fb homepage. When a user clicks on these, he or she is redirected to the app canvas page on Fb, whereas I would like the user to see the actual text/description of the request (on the App requests page).

How can I redirect a user from a notification to the App requests page, or otherwise show the user the text of the request? I know Farmville does it this way: request notifications redirect to the "Game requests" page. How is this done?

Thanks for your help,


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You can display a desired page based on requests_ids argument passed to application canvas URL.

From User Response paragraph of Request Dialog documentation:

If a user clicks 'Accept' on a request, they will be sent to the canvas URL of the application that sent the request. This URL will contain an additional parameter, request_ids, which is a comma delimited list of Request IDs that a user is trying to act upon:[app_name]/?request_ids=[request_ids]

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Thanks for your reply. I have a followup question: If the app is bookmarked, when you click it there the canvas request does not contain a list of "request_ids". Therefore, there's no specific apprequest to display on the canvas page. I could either a) figure out the most recent apprequest worth displaying or b) display a list of X most recent (relevant) apprequests. What do you think is the best practice of displaying apprequests on the canvas page for server requests originated from the bookmark link? – user997350 Oct 16 '11 at 16:08
It's really depend on your application needs, consider asking this as separate question to get more attention to subject – Juicy Scripter Oct 16 '11 at 18:32

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