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I'd like to create a bitmap copy of the current contents of my CView, which may or may not be currently visible on the screen. Here is the code I've added to my OnDraw function:

    CDC* pDC 

    ... normal processing ... 

    // Copy the view contents to a bitmap.

    CDC dc;
    dc.CreateCompatibleDC( pDC );

    if ( m_pBitmap != NULL )
        delete m_pBitmap;

    m_pBitmap = new CBitmap();
    m_pBitmap->CreateCompatibleBitmap( &dc, szView.cx, szView.cy );

    CBitmap* pOld = ( CBitmap* )dc.SelectObject( m_pBitmap );
    dc.BitBlt( 0, 0, szView.cx, szView.cy, pDC, 0, 0, SRCCOPY );
    dc.SelectObject( pOld );


But now when I examine the bitmap I can see that there is only 1 bit per pixel. I'm sure I'm missing something, can anyone help?

Thanks, Kevin

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The problem was that &dc needed to be changed to pDC in the call to CreateCompatibleBitmap.


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